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Q) How do I record my dictations?

A) CAT provides you with a Toll-Free dictation service, which you can use to dictate from anywhere to our secured and HIPAA complaint servers. Simply dial to our server; dictate and disconnect. No hand held instruments, no uploads and no lost files. We can also set you up with digital hand helds, the choice is yours.

Q) When and how do I receive my reports?

A) Typically your reports are returned to you in 24 hours or less, for reports dictated by you at the end of the day, we return the reports by the next morning (working day). They are uploaded to our secured site and you are set up to download from our server through a web based FTP. So you may download your reports from any computer, no software required.

Q) What do you cost?

A) Our low cost per line is between 40% and 80% lower than our competitors. We can also provide you with a quote on a report basis or we can also give you a fixed monthly price. We calculate line count based on universally accepted AAMT guidelines. One line is 65 characters with spaces.

Q) What is HIPAA in terms of MT and are you HIPAA compliant?

A) HIPAA requires that patient records are stored and transmitted in a secure manner. Yes, we are HIPAA compliant.

Q) Do I need to get into an Agreement?

A) We leave the choice to the Client. CAT has worked with clients both with and without a formal agreement. CAT will provide you with an agreement if you so desire.

Q) Is my data secure?

A) We store all your audio files for one year and your Document files (Reports) for five years. We also send you periodic backups in digital form on a CD-Rom. We have mirror-imaging server backups, Data Archival and Data Recovery systems that ensure that you will always have access to your data.

Q) How do you ensure quality?

A) CAT has consistently delivered 99 % or more accurate reports to clients. Our growing list of satisfied clientele is proof of our commitment. We ensure that the same team works on your reports over a period of time. We have a well-developed quality assurance system comprising of editors, doctors and proffers who make sure that every document is delivered as per your requirements.

Q) What would be the format of my reports?

A) CAT will use your existing reports as samples or we can develop new formats as per your needs. We are always open to changes to your formats to accommodate your changing needs. We offer to transcribe your reports in MS Word or WordPerfect, or any other word processor you like.

Q) Can I save time in Dictation?

A) CAT can design a typical report (Template) with standard phrases and text that you use most commonly. You can then use these templates and dictate only exceptions. This system is found to have saved up to 60% of dictation time.

Q) If I have problems with the report or with the dictation system?

A) We will redo a report and never charge you for a report where we fall below the acceptable quality standard. For any other problems, our technical or support staff are waiting to help you.

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